“Just when the caterpillar thought the world would end, it bacame a butterfly”  — Proverb

What is Therapy?

Maybe you are feeling down or anxious, or your relationships are difficult., or life is just not working out the way you expected. Whatever your needs might be, we are here to offer support, guidance, and techniques to help you. Therapy is a process of growth and self-discovery. We encourage a positive outlook, new attitudes and responses that help move you through this transition and toward your goals. We have the techniques and experience support this process as you find freedom and balance.

About G&LPC


As a therapist, I bring life experience as an athlete, a performer, an educator, wife, and a mother of three, to support my training, experience, and passion for the potential growth in each individual, especially for those affected by trauma. I view therapy as jazz where the therapist and the client decide on the tune and what proceeds is a collaboration that takes joy in the process while producing transformative results. I see myself as your coach, teacher, and experienced guide to a new life of resilience in the present, on your own terms, free from the confines of the past.


Contact Information

Phone:  +1 732 272 6157

Email:  info@growthandlifeprofessionalcounseling.com