“Just when the caterpillar thought the world would end, it became a butterfly”  — Proverb


Trauma, Grief, Anxiety & Depression


Maybe you are feeling down or anxious, or your relationships are difficult., or life is just not working out the way you expected. Whatever your needs might be, we are here to offer support, guidance, and techniques to help you. Therapy is a process of growth and self-discovery. We encourage a positive outlook, new attitudes and responses that help move you through this transition and toward your goals. We have the techniques and experience support this process as you find freedom and balance.



Often people struggle with anxiety, depression, unresolved issues, relationship problems, trauma, anger outbursts, addiction, and overwhelming stress. Others come to process their grief from losses through death, divorce, job loss, estrangement. COVID-19 has intensified and spawned depression, trauma, anxiety, and existential angst. Most clients come for relief and release from the issues that have them stuck. They want insight, understanding, and coping skills that work.

My specialty is trauma because it is often the source of the issues. Trauma has many sources: childhood, an event, witnessing a terrible event, relentless news catastrophizing 24-7, the pandemic, especially medical and mental health professionals, first responders, bullying, domestic violence, and grief, to name a few. Trauma is usually behind addiction

I provide state of the art treatment in a judgment-free zone of safety. I coach and work with you toward your treatment goals using EMDR, person-centered, trauma-focused CBT, and DBT modalities along with Mindfulness techniques in a holistic and empathetic approach. Let’s find your path to relief and release, together!

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